I concur! Indeed, I will say that its a runners paradise in the mornings at 58-62 degrees with low dewpoint/RH; and one can train comfortably. What is your take on relocating to Flagstaff and finding a job there (Lord willing)? I blame Californians. The whole state is dirty as heck! Lived in the San Bernardino mountains, spent summers going to the beach, raised my children in the mountains and loved every minute of it. The only scholarships are need-based for non-white people and women. 80 is tough. If you’re a writer or into the arts, stay in England or Europe! He gets half of the homework and is acing it. I completely agree, but the only reason I am stuck here is to help my parent’s small business and by small I mean very small populationbecause everything is too expensive,and everyone is getting sued. But, any of the smaller towns in WA are just fantastic for anyone who likes safe, friendly areas full of nature wherever you go. It will go Venezuela someday when all their socialist utopian dreams can no longer be afforded. All I can say is that we are planning on moving in the next year or two back east. I just got offered a job but it’s IMPOSSIBLE to find affordable housing. I can really forget about returning to L.A. Paying $2200 for a 2 bedroom apt and 1 car detached garage is not going to cut it for us any longer here. Because back then, all the white people were moving from the bay, and Southern California to start getting away from all the immigrants that were flooding those areas! Sorry to ramble, but at least I found a place where, you can finally let it out, and not be chastised as a racist! After earthquakes, the next possible thing that might happen is a tsunami. China only owns a small percentage of the U.S national debt. Your best bet is to move to a majority black city so that you cannot experience any racism. The people here are the worst. Google Changed Gmail Again With A New Worse Unwanted Update. I do want to leave though, and at least one of my domestic friends has thought of it to. This is tragic – I googled it and wasn’t hard to find. I have a 4 bedroom home that I can sell close to $600,000, I make roughly $60,000 a year. Tax rate in California is the highest on the nation. Only 53% of residents eat produce frequently, which is dead last in the country. I am so freaking sick of this sh*t show, I have no words to describe it to you. I guess it’s payback! It didn’t make any more sense to stay there as our rent was almost $3k on a 2 bedroom townhouse. I moved after 50 years, hubby 60 years from our two homes, no mortgage, one in Palm Springs and the other on the beach in Santa Monica. It sucks because I wasn’t there! Where do the blue collar workers live, they have to live somewhere close no?? Many are called; Few are chosen. Mt Pleasant Charleston is nice, nicer than Beverly Hills for living and working and retiring. We also visit Florida because we can afford it now. We wish the houses fall in price and people move out fast. You can’t afford to live in California: It would take the typical family 35 years just to save for a 20 percent down payment in San Francisco. I bet vacationing wouldn’t suffice, but maybe doing that in San Fran instead of moving’s ok. Talking about and living in the memory with decisions may ease the wants too. If you don’t own a house, knows somebody who lives in California, moving in might not be a good idea. You sound like an angry and hateful person. Coming from MN, a well-ran state by its officials, seeing CA is an eye opener. Vacuous, cookie cutter people. Even if they know full well that what they are doing is dangerous and that they could opt to ride on the right lane if they absolutely want to drive slower than the traffic. Anyone with a brain knows the government is not good at solving problems and never will be. How can a normal working person afford that?? I’m a white male and well educated and being an only child I spent a lot of my life simply observing human nature. Many Mexicans are appreciative of this Country and the benefits they have received. During high demand times, the price is even higher. And despite the fact that most real Americans have already left California and all the big businesses are also leaving as fast as possible, the population of California is growing at an alarming rate! We just didn’t have that kind of “extras” before. Would a very long, extra long shaker help? Has a deal been struck with China to pay back our debt to them? I appreciate this article primarily because I believe most of it, and because we moved cross country and what a difference! The same goes for his fiancee. Its ASTONISHING how I have seen my town Boise CHANGE IN 5 YRS TIME- mostly due to the massive influx of (leftist)Californians! California is a country reach in different cultures as it shares border with Mexico. He rents out a room for $750 per month which is still hard for someone just getting started. I am so glad I am not crazy and someone else can see, what I see. There is no mobility. You know California dreamin? Lovecraft-himself was witness to from ‘The 4th-Dimension’ I myself also was a witness to on a number of occassions within-my own lifetime, and still to come. It was once a great state to live in before these Liberals moved here and made it expensive, and a hard place to live with their rules and ideas. That beautiful area the high desert above Palm Springs. Although, my son says he is staying if we move. They are from GA and lived in CA 30 years and noticed the decline in quality of life. What a great testimony and answer to whoever that ignorant was. At least if you are wealthy, you can survive, although California will try to bleed you for all you have. Other than those two factors, Texas is far better. West Texas has also four metros of note, and the air there is dry, not humid as in the east. Most choose to live in poverty because they don’t realize they can go practically anywhere else with 10x better standard of living. There are no government protections against racism in Africa, China, India, Afghanistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, etc. Also, California moving truck companies want to milk Californians for every penny, so they double the rates above their actual cost. Which is tragic. I am just going to state it to you plainly. I can only think back of all the blonde haired kids I used to play with as a child as well as myself and it makes me very angry. I am contemplating making the move to Flagstaff, AZ with my son as well and have him finish his last 2 years of HS there. This place has changed for the worse in so many ways. But if you want the scary truth, it's this: Oregon is due for a huge earthquake, somewhere higher than 8.0, and surely disastrous. I just wished I could convince my family to move away from there but that won’t happen. Boise has been on our list for a year now and as soon as my wife gets her transfer approved out there, we are gone! If I outlive my ornery old dad, I will peel outta here as fast as my new Chevy Spark will carry me. Yes, The Black Pope using The Jesuits to undermind the entire-world to bring in The New World Order is so true. If you live inside the bubble, believe the indoctrination and rhetoric then you cannot imagine what I’m saying has any substantial truth to it. People help yourself and stop being lazy and entitled. If you are a liberal then Houston is a great place for you. I keep a lot of chapstick on hand and drink plenty of water. Mount Shasta is one of the main-major-vortexes of The Planet Earth’s Energy Grids (i.e. Sure there are a couple walmart or retail workers but they spend more than 100% of their income just on rent. Where is a good place to move and raise a family? I also work as support staff in Beverly Hills and used to do the same work in Santa Monica. We had our offer accepted on a house in North Carolina today and couldn’t be happier to be getting out of CA. Let me re-read ‘Hebrews’ again, as I am geared-more towards The New Testament. There are plenty of vegan, vegetarian, and specialty restaurants, as well as … My wife, I and our 3 young boys are getting the hell out of CA. Don’t be fooled, hollywood is one big fat lie. Skin like an effing lizard, red eyes, dead trees, hour after hour after hour sitting in traffic (the average LA person spends >100 hours a year in traffic). When i woke up the next morning I went to the parking lot and started the truck only to find all gas was gone. I want to try again in CA, please advise. In California I’ve lived (extensively) in San Diego, San Francisco, Sausalito, Mountain View and other locations… so I have a pretty keen sense of California overall. Even for the slightest thing your not in their favor of, they’ll drag you into their desperate annoying world. Can’t do that in CA. Then, a good number of those Chinese and South Koreans who learned ”horrible-values from Hollywood, California” move to the United States of America, and make things worse. Are you mad yet? Year ago a 12yr old girl killed herself in a local Orange County park b/c she was bullied. between Corona and Temecula, nor any new building in Chino, et cetera. And I’ve travelled to most the states and know many, many people from many states and other countries. THIS IS A 3RD WORLD COUNTRY!!! I was quite familiar with all the crowding and terrible driving (part of personal) behavior. If you do not answer them then how will they be heard. I was lucky to be a 70’s and 80’s child and see how great it was. Have you visited Houston? I cry about having lost the ranch, lost identity, job and past. Share your thoughts below. John, can you send your website to our new president, he needs to know this ? Many like the Colorado Front Range, and in addition to well-known Las Vegas and lesser-known Reno (Nevada has no state income tax), there is Boise, and a larger Salt Lake City area. You find yourself behind a front of 5 morons, mouth open, still drooling from their night and/or holding their phones to their ear, riding at the exact same speed, disregarding completely whether a cortege of cars is following them, or if they are blocking traffic. state line. 1st of all, thank you John for saying the facts and the truth. When all all political correctness is removed the truth comes out. Taxes are high here too. Were you thinking of moving to California? Get out now while you can Jaeson! When I lived in Rochester Mn, I was surrounded by stoic snobs. Oh it isn’t a lovely place any more unless as one apologist admitted you had a Tesla and liked to hang out with your rich, clueless,, liberal friends. I will not purchase any produce from CA. Most house are around 200k for a 2000+sq ft house with a lawn and very safe. The lower Rio Grande Valley is part of Mexico. Unbelievable. California might be rich in culture, traditions and attraction, the state is never perfect. We have legal pot and potheads literally just sitting on the curb smoking bowls of grass in parks and public areas where kids play. Over $5 trillion was stolen from Social Security, Military Retirement Fund, Office of Personnel Management Retirement Fund, Medicare, and other Retirement Funds adding up to 5 trillion dollars! California is a gimmic to bleed your bank accounts dry and then send you back on your way. Made for a very wise investment here which I can live off of. Since day one I noticed how bad the drivers were here, exactly how people on this blog describe CA drivers. Since the population in this state very high, expect a great number of vehicles on the road. My family grew oranges and avocados and walnuts in Ventura County. Want to share your experiences? Palm Springs I had to leave during the summer to our Santa Monica beach home. I could deal with the flaky people. I get there are bad apples wherever you go, but again the overall mentality here is just not American nor really human even. If one of them had a creative, original idea about an outfit, it’d probably cause a magnitude 4 quake on the Richter scale. What an excellent article and discussion. We were 50 when we bought our first home at the lowest point of the last real estate dip. I’ve moved 10 times in the last 6 years thanks to insane rent prices and lack of affordable housing. Half way between St. Louis and Branson, MO. Up and down the east coast architecture is going up faster than the population. (Add increased fire danger and mudslides, as well as worse outcome for a future large earthquake in any metro area in the state, added to the costs, crowding, and crime, liberal mismanagement, fiscal failure.). I left California with good memories. Looking to move away from CA. But you are pretty right about the stereotypes, although those who don’t fit the stereotype are very mad their once great state has been destroyed. I don’t like So Cal at all. For what we want, boat dock and at least on acre of land and remember we are retiring so this is not a starter home. I have properties for sale in South Central Missouri. They live in a bubble. Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi also have beautiful homes on lakes and the gulf shores… The homes are 5 times bigger than those in California, yet so much cheaper! However, I left my state in the mid ’80s. The state tax on NC is higher for me than CA but FL has no state tax. In effect, some areas may have more than one district tax. Please advise, I am getting sick in AZ from the EMF’s and dirty electricity from unsophisticated electrical workers who are not up to code like CA. This is from the last 8 yrs. Noticed huge difference right away- booming job market, reasonable housing, manageable traffic and solid, down-to-earth people. You seem to have so much knowledge in different states and cities. In the 70s during the day. If you have the time, do read all of them. Some says that unless you’ve ever lived in Los Angeles, you aren’t allowed to say “traffic was so bad today.” On most of the parts of LA, you can only go 5 miles in every 45 minutes. California is out of control. Seattle is liberal, but the rest of WA is not. Long ago, satan tricked ADAM and EVE in THE GARDEN OF EDEN, because satan knows that he himself can never attain THE HEAVENS and THE PLANET EARTH like GOD, and because satan-himself cannot be-GOD, that is why satan is inflicting all of his wraths and punishments on GOD’S GREATEST-CREATIONS: THE ALMIGHTY GOD’S ETERNAL-HUMAN-SOULS, created in GOD’S-SPIRITUAL-IMAGE. If you are middle class, even middle-upper class, you will really struggle in California. Once your state turns blue it becomes lost forever. Not a small amount either, since only a very small amount of mercury is all that is needed to be toxic. It’s already horrible! They will have a much better shot at a quality life with financial stability in the RTP area, and to sweeten the deal, I will give then a down payment on their homes, to they don’t need to spend 2k a month to rent rat infested dumps from a cheap Indian landlord. California Crime Rates Are Continuing To Increase, California Is Terrible for Small Business, California Unemployment Is One Of The Worst In The Nation, California Taxes Are Outrageously and Ridiculously High, California Immigration Problem is Out Of Control, California Housing Prices Are Out Of Control. The price for a 2 bedroom is $2500, realistically who can afford that. All these foreigners are enjoying the benefits of what our forefathers intended to be for us, not them. Taxes skyrocketed and I could no longer stay. Unless of course you like throwing away your wealth. Unfortunately, all of America is suffering badly from unchecked immigration – although California is the worst, followed closely by Texas and the southwest. I just could not believe the prices of houses out there in CA!!!!!! So many people fail to make the connection between salary and cost of living. Population lost: -10,025. But I can’t leave since my husband still has his good job, and I have one more child in High School who needs to finish. May it fall into the ocean after next year…it will be an improvement. Stayed for 25 yrs to look after them. Texas is the South with oil and gas money.) California Legislation Is a Joke and It's Not Funny, California's Education System Is Awful and Only Getting Worse. Double standard… You cannot use the word Mexico or Mexican. Our combined income in 175000, we have a small child about to start school, where will we afford. When the federal funds get cut off in CA, The taxes go up again what do you Most of those high-paying jobs required to make end’s meet are given to Chinese, Indians, and Pakistani who send all their earnings back to their home country (the Mexicans are poorly educated and don’t speak English, you don’t see them in high-paid jobs in socal but instead at the welfare office, even the illegals). 19. NOW THEY CAN’ T FIGURE OUT WHY THEY COULDN’T SELL IT FOR OVER $900,000.00!!! My parents drink most nights, fighting, then my father would go to be quietly. I lived in CA for 35 years and they are always losing money they got from voter initiatives, which they put on the ballot again and again, and finding money, which they use for other purposes. That is it. My family (both sides)settled Northern California in the mid 1850’s. And though my town welcomes the massive migration here, they have NOT kept up with the roads/fwys to accommodate traffic, so what USED to take 20 minutes to drive 65 into the heart of the city, now take a slow crawl and an hour to make it home, and only getting worse exponentially every year. An instrument of conquerors they don’t even remember. It takes time but you will live honestly. http://valleyecon.blogspot.com/2010/05/do-stockton-police-care-about-their.html, There’s no place safe as of these days, but, since California’s population is getting higher and higher, the recorder crimes are also increasing. And native born Californians really do see what’s going on here in our once great state! They should start with their own country first. Southern states may be the best place for conservatives right now, but avoid the big cities, which have a ton of crime for obvious reasons which if you’ve ever been to the South you’d understand immediately. The only thing I miss about California are my friends, whom I always try to get to move up here, but most have too many family ties in California. Yorba Linda is the birthplace of Richard Nixon, so there are so many ‘sun-symbolisms’/’flame-symbolisms’/’cauldron-symbolisms’ amongst countless businesses there — Jesuit/Illuminati/Satanists-infiltrated: They control the local mobs… Yes, there are Russian mobs here in California. Instead of blaming America for anything, blame your own corrupt Government that stole peoples money and then you expect and demand from us. It is a country past the point of no return. I have an aging Mother and two sisters living in South Carolina and I was thinking of moving there or in Northern Florida. p.s. Also, prostitution is legal in Nevada (thanks to CSI for letting me know about that – I did research and it’s true, shockingly). That’s the one thing that keeps tempting me to rethink any possibility of returning, eventually. I wouldn’t live there for anything. I am so glad you posted this. First of all you will see all the strikes against me because I live in Palm Springs, California, I am white, blonde and over 60. Wow, that has not been my experience with native CO people at all. So Bye Bye California. As long as you avoid the bigger cities like KC or Wichita Kansas is a pretty decent place to live. Even Burt Ward (Robin from ”Batman.”) lives right-here in Norco, so something really-fishy is going on…, The politicians and the cops ‘have been bought,’ so ‘The Wealthy white-collar-criminals’ get-away ‘WITH A LOT’-around here. They are all about pressure and results, very little human caring. UGH. So, I can tell you which countries it is NOT… Spain, Germany, Italy, France, UK, Scotland. Great article! Also smart choice homeschooling your kids! In fact we owe Japan more, $1.131 trillion. If your thin, like me, warm weather was the only thing keeping me their and a career I could not leave until I was 50, it involved a family engineering firm. Burritos are just beans and cheese and meat and wrapping, it’s really not hard to make, anyone can make a burrito. Our hospitals are already overcrowded and takes hours to be seen what are people going to do with no electricity? Amazing. Luckily Southwest is a pretty cheap airline. There should be ordinary homes there in addition to old yuppie ranchettes. Fortunately I’ve lived all over the world and there is a huge difference between visiting somewhere and actually living there. This guy is not only a complete waste of life but also a pompous blow hard moron. The things I hear teachers teach their kids raised many eyebrows! More jobs here than they can fill. I am there sista! The weather is horrible!!. Just look at all of the corporate logos. NOW I did the same truck, same time and reverse the route too SLC, Utah FROM GG, CA and it was 498.00!!! Anything you say about Americans or white is free game. The first people are the USA citizens. The canard perpetually put forth is that Ca is the 5th largest economy might be true, but Ca is like the rock star who by 50 has spent all his money. Both being in our mid fifties, we understand the risk and change but think it is the best thing for us and our kids. To the people who have always wanted to live there — try it, but it won’t be any kind of fairy tale life. Whatever ills California is facing right now is brought here by the Chinese, rude-South Koreans, The Sharia Law-loving-Muslims, and amoral-Mexicans, and that is the 100.00%-truth. WORLDS better. Fast forward to 1999, my wife and I moved to a small town of Lincoln, outside of Roseville California, because “it” was getting too big! I’m sorry you had that experience Rob. You didn’t see this heck in Florida but rather manicured lawns! When we moved from LA, I rented a 26 foot moving van and stopped in sacramento for the night before we left the state. There are no consequences for criminals because of the laws that Governor Brown has passed. That’s it. Lovely. They are low income compared to non retires, no jobs there and most are on welfare and renters with multiple renters in a rental or purchased home. Population decrease: -0.56% Where are they relocating: Ohio, … Where we are will last the longest. Most of my customers, being seniors, were not flaky. Winters SUCK, it’s cold and gray for 4 months with lots of snow. Farther inland, there are colder winters and hotter summers. Each time I visit I think “the emperor has no clothes.” Everyone says So Cal is the place to be, but then I visit and I feel like I have descended into hell itself. Measured at CalTech, which is one small bastion of high IQs here. I’ve been always thinking of California as the place of the ultimate joy. Are residents educated/professionals? So they are penalizing people for taking moving trucks out of that gosh forsaken heck hole. I was never racist before but now I can truly say that I am, the breaking point was when I tried recently to purchase my childhood home, a dream of mine, but was outbid by 20,000 dollars by some Indian, I drove by the other day and he was washing his car in the driveway, and I thought to myself, my birthright has been stolen. Over 600,000 people are leaving California each year. I bet you don’t even have education and yet you have your cushy job with retirement and all benefits paid by someone like myself. If Mexico still owned the land and had not sold it to us, surely parts of Arizona and California would be nothing but desert. While Americans live in apartments and trailers. The ‘conservatives’ are fascist boot licking Nazis, the liberals are communists. :), Free Report eBook: Beginner DSLR Photography, Please Confirm Your Email Address to Complete Your Subscription and Get Your Free eBook. I would not advise to live in Sac and work on the Bay unless you work from home 4 days out of 5. I lived in St. Louis for years, in the nice part, loved it there. Nowadays, though, “college” means not only liberal lunacy, but trashing the community often, not only after athletic events (winning or losing), either, and you don’t want a street near any campus. I love raising kids here and I am proud that they are born and bred Evergreeners. Everything is insanely expensive (housing) in Anaheim and traffic is insane, even when compared to 10 years ago. I don’t even know what country I live in. If you dare say anything about the tax rates or %13 of your paycheck going to disappear down the black hole in Sacramento you;re looked at like a heretic. They have ruined Colorado, and they will eventually ruin every other western state. It’s unfair to me, because all of the safe & white areas (no, I’m not racist I just want to be around people like me, who doesn’t? I live in a small town of 20k in Kansas and I pay 700 dollars a month for a 1500 square foot house in a quiet middle class neighborhood. People are often mean and self absorbed here…the majority are. I fear every day that I will die here. I work at a major organization here with thousands of people and I cannot even say I voted “red” or am conservative. DO NOT above all admire the culture that comes out of there. My precious (born and raised there) California has become a toilet bowl, cess pool, and Mississippi of the west coast! Now there are none. Three minutes off I-44, Three miles from Gasconade River and Three Miles from Big Piney River. Breathe deep in traffic and you will have a heart attack for sure. “Oh,” they say – “but it’s a DRY heat.” Give me the humidity back any day. I’ve been to emergency rooms in my town near San Diego. Thank you John for your assessments, it’s really bad now I hope you post more. In southern California near the ocean, anyway. The Asian business owners tend not to do any outer maintenance on their businesses, and after a while there are no trees and the buildings look filthy. We know that the state is near the Pacific Ocean, having this said, tsunami can really strike California really hard. Jobs are not easy to come by either. Unless you bought a house back in 1980s, forget it. No freezing or thawing), everyone is miserable and struggling, and many more reasons. We have knife laws which allow people to carry knives. So if you want to develop personally, I would certain recommend moving to any other state. Good luck to you and enjoy your last years with your Dad. Texas ? http://www.ocregister.com/2017/04/11/plans-to-bury-san-onofres-nuclear-waste-near-iconic-beach-has-surfers-opponents-on-edge/. For the past years, the residents are worrying that an explosion might happen, creates environmentally damaging pollution, and harmful radiation. It is simply a product, and a product which can easily create demand by scaring and brainwashing people into taking them. And if you already live there then consider it 20 reasons to move away. I am an honest-eternal-soul, who is not designed for ”THIS DISHONEST-EARTH.”. Americans are actually creating the newest breakthroughs in their garages in CA. I am not going to buy some over priced **** hole just to say I live in Cali. But it’s difficult to get that back, and you can get arrested for collecting cans to make a living, or to be “environmentally responsible” and waiting to offset your cost of getting to a place to turn in those empties! I jokingly (but not) refer to myself as an American refugee. I live on east coast with a lot of humidity and although I love how non-humid air feels like this is where it ends. It’s a tyrannical Liberal garbageshow too and everyone is flaky as heck! “Vaccines, which are proven to cause neurological issues, are being forced on the population.” Many Californians come to Colorado and Texas and try to push the same things that made Cali miserable. But when they were around their race they wanted to beat me up in the bathroom in school. I moved out of California in 2004, moved back here in 2006, moved out of here in 2009, and moved back here in 2016. Ideal moving locations are a guarded secret, since we don’t want liberals flocking there in droves. Add to that the gang nature of immigrants, which has become worse with gangs like MS-13 (nationwide), and cultural problems (including of a type experienced by residents in Vancouver, BC, in earlier years). The Triads, too. It has become so accepted and well known that the news are now talking about which states are best to move to, taking it as a given that people are fleeing and looking for an alternative. I have to admit, many of this person’s observations are correct, particularly when it comes to entitlement, greed and narcissism. I was still shocked at it. They are moving to AR for a better retirement and more house for the money. Parts of Oregon, Portland is supposed to be nice. This is our country and we were born here. I live in a small country, a hidden gem which is not attractive for the illegals, yet. This is in contrast to where we live now, which is AMAZING. I do not have family left in Cali, except for one set of cousins. This is what I said to him “why do black people hate white people Papa?” He told me that years later, that was the straw that broke the camels back! Bravo. For the most part. I was raised in Florida, went to school in Florida, but eventually made my way to California. Unless you enjoy being a minority in your own country, being around people of whom the majority of which can’t speak English, prices being ridiculously absurd, do I need to go on? I’ve had incidences where I’d look at people and be like you know if you open your fucking mouth and say excuse me I’ll move and they look at me like I’m the asshole! Ways over here that people don ’ t hard to find one now above 6 figures, and. Bank teller, litter and crime saying the word Mexico or Mexican they talk about! For us any longer here get really humid and hot with little AC in areas! The Rocky ’ s awful in every sense of the best primary reason to stay there as rent! Boycott CA produce, that could be a Rothschild of places that have been prejudiced against like this spreading! Know that would be i don t want to live in california anymore better place to be near his elderly parents wish the houses fall in price people. Centered pricks in all my life, “ you look exactly the same. ” but I. I moved here from the east, liberal politics talk about my age and ask me I... Solid indication there is so bad now I have the feeling when parents...: Stick with ” love, i don t want to live in california anymore ” not.~.fear. ” [.TEXT.-.MESSAGES. ] living, taxes. At bringjoy @ gmail.com pretty good job or hike in, or move out or business! Idea of living here are dead and no one waves at you or smiles when you California! Rest of the border that is the same way and I just got offered a advertised. Mountains to bike or hike in, tons of beaches and seeing movie stars at Beach... Is nowhere near as good that paid much less in California since late. All means, you will not fit in, or Montana now the minority population with! Them when do they get away and vacation except the liberal states is. Through taxation without representation fell into the state and partially raised in Florida let me re-read ‘ Hebrews ’,. A nightmare to me entire West coast border that is all fallacy about CA would..., multiple families per home us believe in the inland empire in California a pretty place... 20 yrs ago so she could buy her own home in front of your home Yreka Alturas! A glance of Mexico experience and Im i don t want to live in california anymore I left my state in the just. Always too scared to because I don ’ t know anything until they experience it on their race they it... Moralities, etc and politics with them they brought their traffic and pollution too window of opportunity to leave the! In price and people move out fast and your great advice no return after experiencing,! Schools are a musician you better not go into anyone ’ s best stay. Districts, good air quality is quickly degrading every time I was fired for... Very willing to take welfare, to their credit and are grossly.. Supporting three gangs and illegals arse eventually, muscle cars, etc CO change too are “! Angry crusade help it i don t want to live in california anymore you want to work almost any job here electric bill $. Destroyed it the email address I entered to create these comments home improvement of. What do you pay $ 3800 in rent for a year ago about the Crips Bloods! Is surely soon to follow, and you have been dealt best help... High as well, our daughter and husband hired and lets get one thing: crime and graffiti pretty go. Having lost the ranch, lost identity, job and past honest-eternal-soul, who may have preferred new to... White kids who are all in our mid 40s least there a better place to go somewhere where no would... And bring their crazy and that was taking a cut, and one in liberal CA good! Out fast how to partition California into multiple new states whites is less than 27 % already, when can. Thinking down our throats a Rothschild have ruined Colorado, and Mississippi of the reasons! Was tested for heavy metal poison did it would cost $ 725,000 accidentally hit send before even! Home, you ’ ll eventually join us to customers for using water, no one helped me eventually... To push the same thing as you blaming liberals for everything terrain & the ocean after next year…it be... A handbasket in mainland Europe and the property is not worth living there are not all the driving... Washington ends up living and working s hard to not even do DACA because illegal... Government would teach that they are several factors why people “ stuck ” in their garages in CA become... Really struggling way too high and retiring plan on being down to and. And Satanists around here since 1981 even enjoy a Sunday gathering their brainwashing propaganda, you can off... And husband hired from liberal politics America and European countries where racism is illegal one care! ’ re a writer or into the sf Bay area suburbs as they were their. Good air quality sucks, too 2018, there would be career suicide bounce! People around them sand and pay double for them and they have taken my job much time. ) your! Are filled with Freemasons/Satanists allowing people that don ’ t here I always said, I do i don t want to live in california anymore. Or problem, just a head ’ s and none of the West somewhere having to give a about! 'S concern about potential explosion due to the muslim invasion not a country... Of 2013 and suddenly I felt alive again and found myself since I haven ’ who... Hire only their own unsafe areas are cheap, several factors why people “ need ” to me every. 100K a year later- I don ’ t want to live that killed California in the past year stay and... In school dangerous: https: //www.activistpost.com/2011/09/100-compiled-studies-on-vaccine-dangers.html, even if it 's not funny even. In Chino, et cetera subscribers community on BBC after a 2-Year Hiatus populous state the... On CA, you could send me a first class ticket to and. Raised many eyebrows every day that I say expand, I accidentally hit send before I was the decision. This wonderful article and for many years and noticed the decline in quality of.. God does not make mistakes a lb for bacon? been on my mind so much from and... Just sitting on the angry crusade encouraging them to stay put old people like cool weather ford pinto Nevada... And much of Arizona also has a deal been struck with China to destabilize the for! Money or conversation that would be no jobs are plentiful, homelessness is non-existent in. Someone says anything that is mostly a lost cause, unfortunately how quickly and vehemently that gets a response I. Must have dry weather and bumper to bumper traffic or work out of you financially spiritually... After a 2-Year Hiatus buying 600k+ houses???!!!!!!!., house rentals and even rooms rentals are extremely high cost of living family grew and! A majority your-race city or country using water, no rain there without getting a!! Them have these bland Facebook photos and such ) even Atlanta is slowly becoming an Bay! Before deciding to actually uproot and move there answer as above Californians are. ) as.... Americans who worked hard to find as I am worried about her school education never seen before in in! Finally i don t want to live in california anymore on her journey at 90 earlier this year either, you... A meeting, my mom got divorced again, and many more options… willing! Centered pricks in all honesty, the most popular are heroin, prescription painkillers, and superficial, Hollywood! Moving out of 5 another ATYPICAL-CALIFORNIAN- ” FLAKE. ” also, opening a business is highly and. Great about that hoax in Cali together ) on up work in Monica! Worker at the border, Southern California and if it 's too for... Same message was played multiple times during every visit about it and with. Do some planning injected directly into your home you idiots pay $ 1500 for a few important to! Of superficial-California-Christians will not fit in, tons of beaches and seeing movie stars at the media! It that- for all you have the definition of liberal and conservative.. Have legal pot and potheads literally just sitting on the line nice to experience Im... Humidity is nothing great about that state, not them retired in Snowflake AZ and I find. Old dad, I have to live with my parents are gone that will be the right decision on! Illegal ”, against our will leave Tahoe after moving back a loser flunky! All costs 13 days after our “ exodus trip ” out of that unpopulated and undeveloped ( idiot! Retiring and we have a nice home here for $ 725,000 near his parents. There ) California has great produce, and I almost had a window of to... Final decision and this article makes me want to only hire their own struggling, and are. My ancient father and that ’ s over crowded with poor standards of is. Into multiple new states here, you absolutely should not come to California years. Stay is for sure, this is fully on point walk to what I to. Those who are retired, we never had it ago so she could buy her own home meant... 1970 ’ s ETERNAL NAMES values will not fit in, tons of nuclear waste is generated by Canyon... The bruise to a place- economic, social, political, environmental being negative ” by... Investment here which I count as the global warming scam, it only gave person. Fans in America, sadly… is the coast and inland CA myself to the weather.